About Us



BBS is an all-boys English Medium, Senior Secondary School set up in 1969 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. We prepare students for life by assimilating in them unique skills, which allow them to pursue honesty and diligence in both work and life. Emphasis is laid on nurturing children to value and respect diversity, developing harmonious relations with others and becoming positive citizens within their community.


Our mission is to provide quality education of global dimensions leading to man-making and nation-building.


To create a global educational community of conscientious individuals who have developed their intellectual, artistic and professional talents to the highest degree, and who have an exalted sense of purpose in their lives, inspiring all around them to transcend barriers, overcome odds and work in unison to bring about positive change in the society.

Our Foundations

Founded in 1969, Bikaner Boys School is run and managed by the Little Flower Education Society, Bikaner under the management of the Little Flower Congregation. Inspired by a vision drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, BBS stands as his embodiment as a Christian Minority School for boys from K.G. to XII.

Aiming at Integral growth and personal development, every effort is made to help students achieve their personal best at every point in life. Character development, self-discipline, responsibility, accountability, leadership and etiquette are stressed on as inculcation of virtue is our motto. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), students are prepared for the AISSE and AISSCE laying emphasis on various co-curriculum and extracurricular activities as supplements throughout the year.

Our Philosophy

We aim to develop our students brimming with desire for lifelong learning so that they become valuable members of the society. We embed core beliefs of solidarity and empathy in our students while encouraging creativity and integrity. Such virtues enable us to support our students, their parents and teachers to become contributing citizens within their community and the nation as whole.


Graduating from BBS is a pride for many. The rigorous coursework complemented with creative extra-curriculum ensures that BBSites not only find the fields they are best suited for but also discover their calling in life. Delicate care is taken to ensure that each graduate is not only virtuous but also understands their responsibilities as an adult and contributes actively to the society.

Powerful Alumni

Ben Sasse, once said, β€œAn institution of higher education is a partnership among students and alumni, faculty and administrators, donors and trustees, neighbourhoods and more, to build a community – and a culture.” BBS Alumni span across the planet and have been at the forefront in contributing towards building a better society.